Zareba HDW656YA-Z כבד בטוח הלם Polywire – 656 רגל סליל, צהוב
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Zareba HDW656YA-Z כבד בטוח הלם Polywire – 656 רגל סליל, צהוב

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656 ft.spool of aluminum electric fence polywire. 20 X more shocking power than stainless steel.Features 3 highly conductive aluminum wires.Lightweight and convenient for temporary pastures, rotational grazing and equine containment.PVC-coated fiberglass and UV-stabilized for long life.Sure Shock electric polywire by Zareba is laced with 3 highly conductive aluminum conductor strands.Aluminum delivers 20x more shocking power than other polywires.Why?Most other polywires use stainless steel as conductor lines.Sure Shock, however, is built with toughness in mind – it’s PVC-coated, UV-protected and double the strength of other polywires.Sure Shock is manufactured in brilliant yellow for improved visibility to livestock, and is especially ideal for equine fencing and temporary fencing.Connect Sure Shock polytape to a solar fence charger, lace it through step-in fence posts and attach a grounding system for an easily adjustable fence that can be set up anywhere on your property.Once you're done, respool the line and use it for your next fencing project.This polywire is also easy to splice just tie two ends together to regain a connection.Each reel contains 656 feet of polywire.Note : For use in temporary rotational grazing or in conjunction with permanent, perimeter fencing.It is not intended as the sole means of restraint.For best results : Use with a low-impedance fence charger.AC-powered fence charger should be UL listed.This product is not intended for use with continuous current or weed chopper types of fence chargers.This heavy-duty polywire is made with a PVC-coated fiberglass for UV protection.This creates a fence line that is 2x stronger than comparable fence polywires.Poly electric fencing is much gentler on animals and helps to create a visual boundary.Woven into the polywire is three highly conductive aluminum strands.These conductors deliver a far more powerful shock compared to stainless steel conductors.Cattle, horses, bulls, pigs, and exotic animals.